Queensboro FC, an expansion club of the USL, has announced the MediSys Health Network as its official and exclusive Founding Medical Partner. As a part of this inaugural partnership, QBFC has donated the entire front of its QBFC Academy jersey to the Jamaica, Flushing and other hospitals in the borough.

Queens is well known for certain friendly neighbourhood spidery type super heroes, but Queensboro FC, New York City’s newest professional soccer team, have taken to focus on a more grounded and real type of hero, and one that has risen to even greater prominence through the hardships of the last 12 months: that of the key healthcare workers that have kept society functioning. As part of this, the club have announced the MediSys Health Network, which consists of Jamaica and Flushing Hospitals in Queens, as its official and exclusive Founding Medical Partner. 

Kicking off the partnership between Queensboro FC and the MediSys Health Network is the release of a limited-edition QBFC ‘Community Kit’ produced by Joma, a fundraising jersey that features a unique crest co-designed in partnership with a creative committee made up of local healthcare workers. The crest is inspired by the iconic Queensboro Bridge, outlining its towers and spans with a symbolic electrocardiogram (EKG) design element, with the words “Healthcare Heroes” as the logo’s centerpiece to celebrate frontline workers.

100% of net proceeds from sales of the shirts will benefit the healthcare community that has been essential to the care and well-being of NYC residents throughout the pandemic and beyond. All funds raised will support hospitals throughout the MediSys network, as well as Elmhurst Hospital and Queens Hospital. These hospitals were at the epicenter of the COVID pandemic and treated some of the most critically-ill patients in the early stages.

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We are thrilled to include world-class medical partners in the founding of our club, such as the MediSys Health Network and NYU Langone. We look forward to working closely with them to build an elite soccer team in Queens, to usher in the return of spectator sports, and to make meaningful contributions to the community,” says Adam Behnke, Chief Business Officer, Queensboro FC. “Thanks to their outstanding facilities and healthcare providers, New York City will soon be back in top form, and our players will be receiving excellent care on- and off-the- field.

It is incredibly inspiring to see QBFC, a brand-new player in NYC’s pro sports scene, already working closely with the local community,” says Dr. Sanjit Konda, Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at Jamaica and Flushing Hospital and assistant professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Langone. “Sports can have a wide variety of healing powers and we are excited to bring this partnership to life with programs that will benefit Queens residents, now and for generations to come.

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The QBFC Community Jersey is available from shop.queensborofc.com