Following on from the success of their 2019/20 pre-match jerseys adidas have given their leading clubs seasonal updated designs to wear in their warm-ups for all competitive fixtures heading into the winter months. Keeping things fresh for AW19, the pre-match shirts will be joined by a wider collection of winter training wear.

When you can compile a list of your top 15 pre-match jerseys of the 19/20 season then you know that brands have upped their game when it comes to training apparel. In particular, it's adidas who have dropped some trippy vibes across the designs for Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Arsenal, and they're back at it again with a new set of jerseys that follow the same patterned template with club name on the back.


Pre-match jerseys in themselves are nothing new: their purpose is obvious in that they keep the match jersey clean for kick off. A simple enough concept. For years they’ve served that purpose and nothing more, existing as an easily forgettable item in a club’s wardrobe and brand's repertoires and priorities, but something has changed over the last few years.

A shift in perspective and a more lifestyle influenced market has seen brands realising the potential for what they could offer, along with consumers seeing them as realistic alternatives to the higher priced and often more reserved designs of first team replica; the pre-match jersey's more extravagant designs naturally lending themselves to a confident crossover within lifestyle circles.


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