With a design that pays tribute to Eindhoven’s Glow Festival, PUMA launch the PSV 20/21 third shirt, at sundown in “The City of Light”. The shirt features red highlights in the sublimated 3-D cube graphic that runs throughout, and it’s these that feature in homage to the festival.

Completing the set for the 20/21 season following the launch of the home and away shirts recently, PUMA launch the PSV 20/21 third shirt. The shirt boasts a sublimated stripe graphic that appears as 3D cubes, with a white collar and red details on the sleeve cuffs. But it’s in the red highlights in the graphic that pay homage to the city’s GLOW festival, embodying the history and culture of the city.

Eindhoven is recognised around the world as ‘The City of Light’, a city vibrant with culture, collaboration and global influence. In 1891, Eindhoven’s very own Philips opened their first light bulb factory and soon became the biggest light bulb supplier in the world. PSV (Philips Sport Association) was formed in 1913 by and for employees of the organisation and is deeply connected to the city and its cultural influence. The annual GLOW festival celebrates the latest innovations in the art world as artists and designers from all over the world present their light structures before projecting their art onto buildings all over the city, turning Eindhoven into ‘The City of Light’.

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