With a design that pays tribute to the musical heritage of Eindhoven, PUMA launch the PSV 20/21 away shirt. The “Philips Blue” coloured shirt features a subtly applied sound wave graphic across the front, celebrating the club's connection with local music artists.

PSV, founded in 1913 under the name Philips Sport Vereniging, is deeply connected to Eindhoven, which has a rich history in the development of the music industry. Philips invented the compact disc and mass-produced radios and vinyl, whilst also creating a successful record label, and the new PSV Away Kit pays homage to this musical heritage with a Philips-blue jersey.

psv 2-min.jpg
psv 3-min.jpg

The shirt features a subtly applied sound wave graphic through the body and this symbolises PSV’s connections with local music artists. Following on with this theme, the shirt was revealed gradually as a new song by Eindhoven’s hip-hop artist Fresku was streamed.

Frans Janssen, PSV’s Commercial Director, explained the approach. “With this Away Kit we chose for a unique campaign as the world's first jersey reveal unlocked through streams. The soundwaves on the jersey refer to the musical heritage of Eindhoven, for example the invention of the compact disc, and therefore required a musical reveal. We are thrilled for this collaboration with PUMA and Fresku.

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