Teasing the release in the most unsubtle of fashions, adidas have unveiled the Flamengo home shirt for the 2020 season. The look retains the classic black and red colouring while switching to thicker hoops in a design that continues the Three Stripes’ unique hand-painted approach.

The Flamengo 2020 home shirt was teased by adidas Brasil on social media recently. We say teased, but in reality it was just straight up shown off, with the likes of MC Rebecca, Marcelo D2, and MC Cabelinho all posting videos on their channels of them trying on the new shirt for the whole world to see. So it comes as no real surprise that the shirt has now been officially unveiled, with a retail date of 14 February.

The new Flamengo shirt follows in the same hand-painted design format that has been seen on adidas’s Euro 2020 kits, with the famous horizontal black and red hoops being widened. Last year’s home kit saw a sublimated graphic with the word ‘Mengo’ contained within the red bands, and this year’s shirt follows in a similar pattern, with sublimated wording featuring throughout the red bands once again. The red takes on a slightly brighter tone to last year’s shirt, with the brush stroke effect seeing hints of red carrying through to appear on the black hoops.

As well as showing off the shirt early and featuring in the imagery that has accompanied the shirt's launch, MC Cabelinho has also announced that he has recorded a song that will accompany the release of the shirt, which he will post to his social channels on 15 February. 

The shirt itself is set to be debuted in the Brazilian Super Cup on Sunday when Flamengo take on Atletico Paranaenseon.

flamengo 3-min.jpg
flamengo 4-min.jpg

Pick up the Flamengo 2020 home shirt from adidas.com/br on 14 February