Arriving in its classic colours, but hiding a modern twist, adidas launch the 2019 home shirt for last season’s Campeonato Brasileiro Série A runners-up, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. Or, y'know, just Flamengo. Or even Mengo. S'up to you.

At first glance you may be forgiven for thinking that the 2019 Flamengo home shirt lacks a little bit of inspiration, the design sticking with red and black hoops, albeit in slightly different shades and widths to previous incarnations. But look again and you’ll see a smart detail included in those horizontal red hoops: the word ‘Mengo’ features repeatedly through the red bands and it appears to be weaved into the fabric of the shirt itself, thanks to a smart sublimated 3-D design. 

Flamengo 3-min.jpg
Flamengo 2-min.jpg

But as well as being a nice way to ingrain the club’s identity into the construction of the shirt, this feature also serves another purpose; it makes it far harder to recreate for the counterfeit market. Smart. The rest of the design follows a pretty standard template, with a brighter red trimmed v-neck collar joined by black Three Stripes that sit on the same red-coloured shoulders. Yeah, nice effort all round, this.

Flamengo 4-min.jpg
Flamengo 5-min.jpg

The adidas Flamengo 2019 home shirt is available here.