South America is renown for owning the kit game, the continent offers a catwalk of beautiful football strips, any restrictions in kit design are lifted and bespoke shirts are hung in each changing room. Brazilian side Flamengo are the latest to unveil their threads as adidas serve up another treat.

Notorious for plastering their kits in an array of sponsorship deals South American sides are the most experimental when it comes to kit design but Flamengo's 2015/16 home shirt is surprisingly minimalistic with slightly thinner red and black horizontal stripes than previous seasons. The goalkeeper takes on two shades of blue with the stripes following the outfield strip along the shoulders.

Some description

A further feature on the shirt is the expression "Robe" near the back of the collar, a word that fans use to describe the club's kits. Flamengo supporters will see their team in the new strip for the first time when they face Fluminense in the derby on Sunday (31/05).

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