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PUMA Reveal Switzerland 2020 Away Shirt

Taking influence from the surrounding Alps, PUMA launch the Switzerland Euro 2020 away shirt. The design takes a simple white base and accentuates it with a sublimated graphic across the front that has several meanings behind it.

PUMA take a simple and yet unique and effective approach to Switzerland’s away shirt for the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament next summer. A simple white canvas is joined by dark red accents through the collar and branding, while a multicoloured sublimated graphic runs through the centre of the front of the shirt, intersecting and peaking to represent one of the things that Switzerland is most famous for. No, not Toblerone (although that would be ace…) No, it’s the Alps.

As well as the mountain panorama, the four intersecting lines are differently colorued to represent the four official languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic. On closer inspection, the lines are also made up of small Swiss crosses. Packed with meaning.


The Switzerland Euro 2020 away shirt is available now at Now, we're off to get some Toblerone...


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