Following their participation in this year’s Chinatown Invitational, Soho Warriors are offering the opportunity to bid in a silent auction for the chance to win the much-coveted and limited edition set of Chinatown Invitational x Stone Island Jerseys.

Soho Warriors, a creative collective from London and one of the competing teams at this year’s Chinatown Invitational, are offering the chance to win a limited edition set of the four Chinatown Invitational x Stone Island Jerseys through a silent auction. The collection of four jerseys is made up of CSC (Yellow), Ringleaders (Blue), Soho Warriors (Black), and finally Stone Island (Green), and all proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Chinatown Athletic Council.

The Chinatown Invitational is a friendly tournament in every sense of the word; it’s a celebration of football culture and community that takes place roughly once a year in New York City and it unites creative tribes from London, Montreal, Milan and New York City for a weekend full of pitch-side action, sideline banter and boozy get-togethers at local watering holes. 

CT 32-min.jpg

The Chinatown Invitational x Stone Island auction is open until 22 October. Head to to place your bid.