The Chinatown Invitational is a celebration of football culture and community that takes place roughly once a year in New York City, bringing together collectives from across the globe that are bound by a love of football. This year’s tournament was supported by Stone Island, and it saw a celebration of the game that was played out through design, fashion and plenty of style.

A friendly tournament in every sense of the word, Chinatown Soccer Club’s annual Invitational brings together the global football family at a small pitch in Chinatown itself, to determine which squad takes home the famous and much coveted ‘Golden Pig’ trophy. Mostly though it's an excuse to unite creative tribes from London, Montreal, Milan and New York City for a weekend full of pitchside action, sideline banter and boozy get-togethers at local watering holes. Ultimately, it's an event where the best kit or the funniest chant is bound to get as much attention as the winning goal.

CT 24-min.jpg

Over the years Chinatown Soccer Club have also created accompanying art shows featuring photography, illustrations and artefacts by the participating teams as well as producing a short film about the tournament. This year they chose to look back at previous editions of the Chinatown Invitational via a limited edition zine. The jerseys and zine were designed by Dent International working with Avery Denison to produce all embellishments.

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Photography by Kevin Trageser for SoccerBible.