Playing host to a cluster of football inspired creatives, the 2016 Chinatown Invitational saw Soho Warriors travel from London to meet the likes of Ringleaders FC from Montreal, Chinatown Soccer Club from New York Stone Island FC from Milan. A community on fire bringing the ice.

The photography above, captured by Soho Warriors shows a snippet of the team's travels as they ventured across the globe to meet fellow collectives that are bound by football. A tasteful treasure of an appreciative game, it's a meet that has been curated from top to bottom and nothing says it better than this short film that was directed by Alex Klein.

Backed by Stone Island, it's a presentation of the global community that has football at its core and can serve as inspiration for anyone else that wants to join a party that is played out with design, fashion and style very much at the fore.

Some description
Some description

As well as the film, there is an installation of supporting imagery that is on show at the Nanogallery beginning until the 11th September. NY Bound? Get in and take a look while you can. Delicious.

Photography by Gui Seiz