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NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner

Keeping up with the collaborations, NikeLab and Stone Island have unveiled their third chapter that embodies a reinterpreted 'Windrunner'. An iconic piece that set the ball rolling for Nike, it blends performance technology and innovative fashion focused thinking through the shared knowledge each brand possesses. All that before we've began to swab the mouth, it's a salivator.

Settling into the seasons, this latest innovation brings fresh warmth to the collaboration as the Windrunner finds the form as a parka. Most sought after elements championed are the unrivalled comfort, the inevitable protection from the elements and the mobility. Mixing industries and specialist production method, this number is made in an exclusive fabric that has been specifically engineered by Stone Island for the NikeLab Windrunner collaboration.
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So much comfort, this is one that you can take on the road with so much knowledge that you're on the front foot all day long. The first layer of protection comes in the shape of the jacquard engineered tonic nylon rip stop grid which is bonded to a water and wind resistant membrane. It doesn't stop there, the inner is 100% wool fur that is served on a cotton layer. It's practically the duvet you can do everything in and it looks utterly delicious.

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Landing in three colours: "khaki", "olive" and "bleu", it's another charter to brand-newsville as Stone Island have introduced a complex garment dyeing recipe, to provide a high definition contrasts as well as subtle tonal shades.

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Sealing the deal is a detachable hood designed to protect from the elements. The stand up collar is sharp while the raglan sleeves give it a tailored edge. Met with Nike’s Windrunner chevron made in nylon tape, it's the best of both worlds and if you're heading to Scunthorpe Away or PSG at home, there's a level of sophistication that will turn heads and set a new standard. In awe? Just a little.


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