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PUMA Launch AC Milan 2019/20 Third Shirt

PUMA launched the AC Milan 2019/20 third shirt at an exclusive “The Roar of Milan” fan event this week ahead of the first team’s return to training. The shirt design draws inspiration from the founder of the club, Herbert Kilpin, and the reasons behind the famous Rossoneri colours.

When explaining his choice of colours for his new team, Herbert Kilpin said: “We’re going to be a team of devils. Our colours will be red like fire, and black like the fear we will invoke in our opponents”, and this statement has formed the basis of the inspiration behind AC Milan’s new third shirt from PUMA, while the overall aesthetic of the shirt is meant to be symbolic of the youth and energy of the AC Milan squad. 

Milan 2-min.jpg

The shirt features a wavy red sublimated design on a black base that skews the regular Rossoneri stripes. On the reverse, only a band of the Italian flag colours of green, white and red located on the base of the neck breaks up the otherwise solid black colouring. The shirt is then accompanied by black shorts that have a smart white and red trim, while the black socks have red bands. Strong third look for Milan, and after the impressive home shirt arrived waaaay back at the end of May, there's now only the away shirt left to complete the set.

Pick up the AC Milan 2019/20 third shirt at

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