Following up the striking new home shirt, PUMA launch the AC Milan 20/21 away shirt, which is inspired by the the cultural landmarks, modern architecture and design that is found in Milan.

The AC Milan 20/21 home shirt launched back at the end of the July, and it instantly gained across the board approval for its glorious new take on the tradition of the club, inspired by the elegance and grandeur of the city of Milan. Now PUMA continue that theme of representing a unique aspect of the Club’s culture with Milan’s identity, embedding it within the threads, and this time focussing specifically on the new architecture and design.

ac milan 2-min.jpg
ac milan 3-min.jpg

The away shirt celebrates the new architecture and design of Milan, and that is realised and applied as a fading red graphic on the club’s iconic ‘Lucky One’ white Milan kit, which is renowned for it’s success in European competition. The graphic is a deeper red at the top and bottom, fading to the centre where the classic Emirates sponsor is located. Red also pops through the collar, on the rear of which is the “ACM” sign off.

ac milan 7-min.jpg
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