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adidas Launch Flamengo 2019/20 Away Shirt

Recruiting the help of three Brazilian MCs, adidas Brasil and Flamengo have unveiled the new away kit for the 2019/20 season in a lookbook and video shot on the streets of Rio. The shirt will debut on-pitch this weekend in their match with Atletico MG.

The design for the Flamengo 2019/20 away shirt features strong links to the recently released home shirt, borrowing one black hoop and one red hoop and placing it on the predominantly white base. And the red hoop comes complete with the ‘Mengo’ sublimated graphic that is the standout feature of the home shirt, added in for its visual kick and also because it makes the shirt that much harder to counterfeit.


MC Maneirinho, MC Rebecca, and DJ Rogerinho Do Quero are the three Rio de Janeiro-based artists and self-proclaimed fans of Flamengo that have been used to showcase the shirt in a lookbook and video that has been shot on the streets of Rio itself, linking the new look directly with the fanbase.


Flamengo was established in 1895 as a rowing club and they didn’t play their first official match until 1912. But it’s the 1895 that is the focus here, hence the club's Regatta crest on the left chest and that year written in red at the base of the rear collar. Red Three Stripes peel down the shoulders from the collar, which is segmented into black and red sections. The video captures the 123 years of history that's now ingrained in the new shirt.

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