Gearing up for the coming season after their last table-topping campaign, Brazilian side Flamengo have unveiled their new away shirt from adidas. It sees a white body joined by bespoke graphic that runs down the shoulders and sleeves.

Joining their recently released home shirt for 2021/22, Flamengo have now unveiled their new away shirt, which follows in a similar white style to previous releases, although adidas have added some bespoke details to give it a distinct look to what has come before. The story of the design falls in line with the home shirt, honouring the club’s hugely successful season in 1981 in which they captured their first ever Copa Libertadores championship and defeated European Cup champions Liverpool by a score of 3-0 in the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo, Japan.

For the away shirt, that means a unique red and black graphic that spreads across the shoulders and arms, standing out all the more on the white base of the body. That graphic is inspired by Japanese origami art, much like the home shirt, with its sublimated ‘1981’ graphic. An origami-inspired graphic also appears on the upper back of the new Flamengo away shirt, just below the neckline.

The kit completed by a pair of shorts in the same design as the shoulder graphic, although reports indicate that this will only be for fans, with the team instead wearing black of white shorts.

flamengo 4-min.jpg
flamengo 5-min.jpg

The Flamengo 21/22 away shirt will be available from in the near future.