The adidas international away shirts have delivered in the strongest of styles for the 2018 World Cup. The iconic jerseys twisted into modern interpretations have received a lot of love upon launch, and the Mexico away shirt keeps that appreciation coming.

The eccentric design on the Germany kit shook things up, the crisp graphic on the black Argentina shirt is also right up there, but is the Mexico away shirt a quiet contender for adidas' finest away jersey? We reckon it might be. There's something about those minimal stripes in the flag colours that works beautifully.


It's a simple and sleek design, and another demonstration of the bespoke love adidas are dishing out for Russia this summer. The Mexico away shirt takes inspiration from the nation’s flag colours, with a bold red and green stripe running across the chest. A sign-off on the collar features the slogan “Soy Mexico”, translating to “I Am Mexico”.

If you don't love it, then look longingly into Javier Hernandez's deep brown eyes until you do. Now you love it, don't you? Yeah, things just got weird.


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