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adidas Launch The Germany 2018 World Cup Away Shirt

Excuse us while we start searching for any ounce of German ancestry. The 2018 Germany World Cup away shirt is as close to replica perfection as you're gonna get. 90s fire with modern day magic. It's almost as if adidas are German.

The only time you won't want to see the 2018 Germany away shirt is if you're stood between two posts and there's one walking towards you about to place a ball on the penalty spot. A modern interpretation of the famous green 1990 World Cup away jersey worn in the semi-final vs England, ready for Russia. Who said the Germans aren't fashionable?

german-away-shirt-2018-1.jpg germany-away-shirt-2018-6.jpg
germany-away-shirt-2018-7.jpg germany-away-shirt-2018-5.jpg

The 2018 World Cup shirts by adidas have been exquisitely executed. The Three Stripes have used their mantra of authenticity to progression at the heart of each design, and the national team kits have been inspired by kits of the past or iconic landmarks while featuring the latest adidas product innovations.

The graphic on the front of the Germany 2018 away shirt takes inspiration from the pattern on the Germany home kit while a new collar execution with a two-fabric component construction incorporates the shirt’s graphic, along with the official "DIE MANNSCHAFT" wording on the back.


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