Houston Dynamo throw a contender for jersey of the season into the ring with their slick secondary strip for the upcoming 2018 MLS campaign. It's all warming tones of orange on a black back-drop for a stunning sunset vibe.

More proof that sponsor-less jerseys always pack strong retro game, the Houston Dynamo 2018 secondary shirt is design to celebrate the city's rich diversity. It's all about those tonal stripes across the chest bouncing on that dark base which creates a stylish simplicity.


Shades of orange get deeper from top to bottom to compliment the Houston home shirt and club crest. Matching orange colourings bring the finishing details across the Three Stripes on the shoulders and on the collar. The idea behind the design is that it's built to celebrate the numerous cultures that have come together to give Houston its unique dynamism.

It can mean whatever it wants to mean, we're massively feeling it. Houston Dynamo play their first two games of the MLS season at home, but could well wear their new secondary jersey for the the first time when they visit New York Red Bulls on April 7.

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