Thank heavens for the Dynamo. Ensuring we all get a healthy dosage of vitamin D, Houston Dynamo have released their 2017 home kit packing enough punch to fill the fruit bowl.

A rather straight forward number as far as kit goes, there's something a little loveable rogue about this feast on the eyes. Naturally, it's a relatively minimalist kit. In no way a bad thing though, they've leant on less to create more of a statement and the colour goes to town so that any additional bells and whistles are simply not essential.

Some description

Still, the simple silver lines put a workman's shift in. An all round luminous number, this is a welcome instalment to the collection of kits that we'll see in 2017. Suitably carrying the message of 'Forever Orange' on the neckline, the colours have very much been pinned to the mast in the dynamic shape of The Dynamo. Let's hope they shift from amber to green as far as the season goes and they get out of the traps with a bolt. A dazzler, you betcha.