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Framed #5 | Houston Dynamo v LA Galaxy

A fruit bowl for the beautiful game, Houston Dynamo hosted LA Galaxy over the weekend. LA Galaxy laying down the gauntlet, we took it in from the sideline in collaboration with photographer Christian Gideon.

The world of sports photography is a beautiful place to inhabit. In mixing fashion and lifestyle lenses to a fast flowing football environment, the end result is one of fresh, free-thinking proportions. A triumph for collaboration and carnival of football culture, this work by Christian Gideon is testament to that.

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Grabbing the game from a different place, it's a stylised angle but one that captures the emotion and spirit while maintaining a raw and real sense of awe.

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Bringing the game ever closer in the process, there's always room to challenge the conventions and this latest 'Framed' instalment is on course to offer a bespoke look at a match that provided entertainment all over. Game on.


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