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Bradford City 17/18 Home Kit by Avec

At whatever level, there's a level of respect and credit due when the creative game is explored. In the shape of Bradford City, in teaming up with manufacturer Avec, it's a case of a kit outside the templated approach which has been shot with due care and attention.

Effective portraits with a big impact, Bradford City are a side with a strong fanbase. A stadium that has and would once again, easily scale the Premier League, their aspirations are never short while their spirit very much lies within their local community. With this kit as an example, there's over the top kit launch though it's a case of less is more.

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No endless budgets to call upon though the understanding that the club kit is one of few vividly powerful connections between club and fan. It will see any team go far.

Strong, bespoke colours as attention and excitement already starts to boil for 17/18, grab your shirt of choice for the summer holiday. Whether it's Bradford or Basingstoke - It's time for the football shirt to reign supreme.


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