Boca Juniors don't do bad kits. They can't. Impossible. If you've come here to see if they've finally created an ugly strip, you better move on swiftly. Nike's 2017 edition of the Boca Juniors Third Shirt is an absolute gem.

Templated football kits receive their fair share of criticism. Understandably, most of the time. Templates can often lack creativity, bespoke designs and any adventurous colour schemes, but not Nike's collection of current third kits. Yes, they're the same template, but each design has displayed an array of colour with gradient goodness. The Boca Juniors 2017 Third Shirt brings together shades of Boca Blue from navy at the top to sky blue at the bottom.

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Complemented by simplistic BBVA sponsorship in white and one of the coolest, most minimal club crests in the game, the Boca Juniors third shirt was never in danger of being a footballing fashion foul. It's not a million miles away from the home strip but it's a jersey worthy of an appearance or two on the pitch and many more off it.