Celebrating the club’s 115th anniversary, adidas and Boca Juniors have unveiled the club’s new third shirt, with a design that pays homage to a specific part of La Boca, a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

Boca Juniors were founded on 3 April 1905, and with their impending anniversary right around the corner, the club have unveiled their special new third shirt, produced by technical partners adidas. It features a design that draws inspiration from a tourist hotspot called Caminito ('little walkway'), an alley of colourful and unique houses in La Boca, Buenos Aires.

The shirt design sees a dark blue base joined by geometric shapes that reach up and down from the bottom and top of the shirt respectively. Presented in a variety of yellow, white, and a lighter shade of blue, this hustle and bustle of shapes obviously represents the buildings from Caminito. The Three Stripes then sit on the shoulders in white, the same colouring that the ‘Qatar Airways’ sponsor takes.

As a final flourish for the shirt, the numbering on the rear will also feature a different picture from the Caminito neighbourhood, lending the shirt an added level of uniqueness.

boca 5-min.jpg
boca 4-min.jpg
boca 7-min.jpg
boca 3-min.jpg
boca 2-min.jpg
boca 6-min.jpg

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