Designed to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the legendary Bombonera Stadium, adidas launch the Boca Juniors 2020/21 third shirt, with a special stadium graphic featuring on the centre of the chest.

80 years of one of the most awe-inspiring atmospheres in professional football deserves a bit of recognition, and adidas duly oblige with the Boca Juniors 20/21 third shirt, incorporating a bespoke La Bombonera print, which appears on the chest and reads “La Bombonera, 80 Aniversario”.

boca 2-min.jpg

The bold yellow shirt ties in nicely with the appearance of the colour across the home and away shirts, but here it takes centre stage, with blue details popping through the collar, cuffs, sponsor and branding. A bespoke blue and yellow print runs down the side strips, while Boca's slogan, La Mitad +1(“half plus one”), is placed on the upper back just below the collar for a tidy sign off.

boca 10-min.jpg
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