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Memphis Depay Shows Off Customised Diamond Grill

Barcelona forward Memphis Depay is well known for his unique style, and now he’s added another piece to his collection in the form of a custom set of grills, which feature signature call outs to the Dutchman, including his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

If you’ve got a lot of money and a passion for fashion, what do you spend your cash on? Well if you’re Memphis Depay you go and get yourself a new custom set of grills, created by Gabby Ellan Jewelry. Then you go and show it off at Dani Alves’ latest shindig, smiling just as much as you bloody well can. The item in question is the first grill on record to feature a Bored Ape Yacht Club character, which Depay purchased three months ago for 110 ETH. Don’t ask us what that is though.

So the Bored Ape in question is #7921, and it takes pride of place at the front of the grill, which is encrusted with diamonds. Along with the Ape is a lions head, nodding to his obvious affinity with the cat, and the Puma logo representing his recent appointment as the brand’s new global ambassador. The bottom row sees pink and blue diamonds framing the letters “BADTTW”, which stands for “Blind and Deaf to the world,” Depay’s mantra for blocking out negativity and walking by faith and not sight. Just looks a bit uncomfortable if we’re being honest. Ah well, each to their own, and it certainly fits in with his musical interests...

depay 2-min.jpg
depay 3-min.jpg

Never seen so many toothy grins...

As well as his shiny new grill, Memphis Depay wears the PUMA Ultra 1.4, which you can pick up at

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