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PUMA Announce Memphis Depay As New Global Ambassador

It’s been a hot topic in the boot world over the last 12 months, but Memphis Depay has finally put any debate to bed by signing on to become PUMA’s latest global ambassador. The new long-term partnership will see the Barca man officially wearing the Ultra going forward.

Memphis Depay has been without a boot sponsor since he left Under Armour back in March of last year. The Dutch international has been trialling all sorts of boots in the intervening period, from adidas to Nike, but now he’s settled on PUMA, in a partnership that will see the brand collaborate with him across his many passions. As well as his ability on the pitch, Depay is also a creative at heart off of it, and PUMA plans to work with him on both football and lifestyle projects that tap into his love of music, fashion, art and community outreach.

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Depay was spotted in the PUMA ‘Flare Pack’ Ultra 1.4 in Barca's 4-0 win over Athletic Club, scoring the last on what was his return to the side following a brief spell on the sidelines through injury. 

The new partnership will combine influences from sport and culture to create unique products, starting with the launch of Depay’s’ very own PUMA collection later in 2022. PUMA will develop co-produced fashion product with Depay through his luxury sub-label BADTTW (‘Blind and Deaf to the World’).

Catching up with Depay, we spoke with him about his new deal with PUMA, life in Barcelona, both on and off the pitch, and his creative influences.

So to start, Barcelona, PUMA, music… the last year has offered you a lot in terms of new chapters. How would you describe it?

It’s a perfect example of having faith in yourself, working hard and obviously just really living in the moment I guess. Last year the numbers I’ve done and the transfer to Barcelona and all of this, it’s just prospering I guess. Joining PUMA, which I’m really really excited about, is just great. I’m really grateful and  I’m really hungry for more. So it was a happy year. It was a tough year too, but it was a really successful year.

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So much respect. Do you feel like joining PUMA is another level and opportunity to express yourself even more?

Yeah, definitely. I’m very excited. At this age it’s really important what decisions you make, and looking at what they are doing with not just other athletes but with fashion and music, they are really loud and they support the artists and the culture and I feel like that’s so important, as there’s so much more going on than just the football on the pitch.

Obviously the boots, this colourway, it’s crazy and it really makes me want to play like a young kid. A lot of athletes say that colourful boots really make them fly. But I feel like the total package with PUMA outfits – that is me. Us coming together, I think it’s going to be great.

You’re very rich creatively. How much does your creative direction play into joining a brand like PUMA?

A lot. The older I get I obviously understand that, being who I am, it’s difficult sometimes, because of your own idea about certain things. But this is coming together, and I feel that the things that I see, that they feed into it. They have my back, they want to do stuff, want to keep me going, want to hear about this guy that draws on his boots and has a clothing line and still is balling on the field – this is the base ground that’s the most important thing – making music. They’re really feeding into it and for me it was clear that this was a no brainer. We had to come together.

Big cat on your back, big cat on your brand – it’s the perfect relationship! You need a tattoo to kick off this relationship…

Everyone keeps saying that the lion leads the puma, or the puma leads the lion [laughs] It’s a cool concept. I don’t know about the tattoo yet [laughs], but we came to a great partnership. You never know, if it becomes a lifetime partnership I’m gonna put that Puma… well not that there’s much space left, but we’ll see.

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That design that’s behind you, did you have any hand in that, because it’s pretty sick as a lock-up?

PUMA brought it in, but obviously me and my team we have a stack full of ideas so we’re going to give them something really soon. I feel like my brain never stops thinking. If it’s the lion meets the puma then you should expect some aggressive stuff. I feel like things are coming, but yeah PUMA brought that one over.

Touching on Barcelona, how’s the lifestyle over there?

I can’t lie, it’s amazing. Since I joined in the summer I’ve felt at home. Settling in was not necessarily smooth… I was looking for houses and staying in hotels for quite a bit. I’m used to that, but I stayed in a hotel for a long time. But being at the club, training, the weather, my teammates – they’re really all top guys. Then there’s wearing that badge, those club colours, driving or walking to Camp Nou with your own outfit for the game, it’s like a dream. I don’t want to stop dreaming, y’know.

What’s that moment in the tunnel at Camp Nou like? It’s a kid’s dream… have you had those moments of realisation where you think ‘I’ve made this happen…’?

At the moment I’ve yet to look back and think that it’s really happened. I kind of want to just keep working and creating moments that we can celebrate because it’s a huge club and it comes with a huge fanbase. Everything around the club is big. This season is tough, so I just want to keep working and celebrate when it’s time to celebrate. But obviously, when you see yourself back in a Barca jersey scoring goals or in the tunnel, it’s unreal.

You mentioned the huge fanbase, and obviously with that comes huge pressure… Do you thrive off that?

Yeah, they give us great energy. It’s not been the easiest season for them either, but they have high expectations every time, which comes with the club, but they keep supporting us. It’s really crazy to see. When the Camp Nou is full, I’ve never seen anything like it in all the stadiums I’ve played in. It’s really impressive and it gives me an energy boost.

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You also talked about walking up to the stadium in your own outfits. What’s the dressing room like in terms of style?

Dani Alves coming in with his own creative mind, the individual that he is it’s always interesting to see how he pulls up. Then you have Pique, I like the way he dresses. Samuel Umtiti as well, a guy known for his drip. To walk into the stadium with your own flavour is good, because I feel like everyone prepares differently for the game. I express myself through what I wear, it’s cool. Lately we’ve been going to hotels, so we’ve been wearing the tracksuits, but hopefully we can get it back.

Talking about your creativity, are there other like-minded people in the game that you buzz off and get inspiration from?

If you talk about being loud then you look at Paul Pogba. He always comes through with his hair cuts. For me that’s inspiration, the colours. We can talk about the different clothes, music… Then we have Dani Alves. Really really happy that he joined the club. The guy with the most trophies. But he also has one of the best personalities that I’ve met. Headspace as well, he’s really inspiring.

Then I go to watch other elites in different sports. I feel these guys wear their things in their own way, like Odell Beckham. But my focus is on myself. I try to take inspiration, but everything that happens comes from the source I guess.

There’s so much creativity surrounding you, not just on the pitch, but off it too. Where do you get your buzz from, and what would you like to achieve?

What I think is interesting is the direction that the digital NFT space is heading, but not only with digital art but also music-wise. Musically I’m an independent artist. I can’t really perform a lot because I have to be on the pitch, but the meta verse and what is coming gives you the allowance to perform while you’re at home and people can still see you, so it gives a lot of opportunities in the future, and I’m excited for that.

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