In lacing up the latest from the world of Speedform from Under Armour, Memphis Depay has experienced an almighty change of form. Taking the game to the opposition over the last few weeks, Under Armour have also come to the fore is similarly striking style. Their 'Rule Yourself' campaign testament to that.

With Memphis at centre stage, the video above, which is shot with an artistic and conceptual edge, is right on point. With attitude palpable, the mantra that Under Armour have set out is one of honest interpretation "When the game asks hard questions, there is only one way for Memphis to answer. "It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light" is how they describe it.

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The brand has clearly been grafting behind the scenes and the craft they've brought to the table is unique, tasteful and looking like it's going to lead to triumph. By their own standards, so long as the hard work goes on in the dark then it'll come out shining when form hits the pitch, ruling all day long.