Lionel Messi is a rarity. The greatest of a generation, arguably the greatest of all time. That goes some way to explaining why he's got his own signature adidas boot series, the latest of which as rare as the ability of the player who laces them up.

Launched on the tenth day of the tenth month the 'Messi 10/10' was limited to just 100 pairs worldwide with one pair going to the man himself and ten others going to those in the Backed by Messi campaign. The other 89 pairs were held exclusively at the adidas store in Barcelona and served on a first-come-first-served basis to those determined enough to face the endurance of the queue. 

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If you missed out stick 10/10 in your calendar from now on as adidas have kick-started a new tradition of collector's edition Messi launches that will take place on that date each year. From 1 to 100, each pair is an exact replica of Messi's size 8.5 feet and come in true limited edition style with an embossed premium leather tag featuring the serial number for that pair (ours being 32). Messi's shirt number sits on the heel in metallic gold and the Team Messi logo is embossed across the forefoot of the boots in premium black.

A piece of footballing treasure that stands for much more than a merely a boot. The silo and limited quantities represent Messi's individuality and unique playing style, forget the pitch these belong in the trophy cabinet for the 89 opportunists who bagged a pair, and for Messi too, if he has any room left in his.

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