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Inter Officially Unveil New Club Crest & New Visual Identity

Confirming all the reports of a new visual identity for the club, Inter Milan have officially unveiled their new club crest, which will come into use from the beginning of the 21/22 season. It’s all in keeping with the new brand design, something which will allow the club to open up to new perspectives.

Love it or hate it, Inter Milan are changing. Gone will be Pirelli as a front of shirt sponsor, potentially going are Nike as a technical partner, and gone is the iconic club crest. But while a lot of people fear change, it's a necessity for progression and development, and Inter are looking at making themselves a more globally marketable club, and the new club crest is just the tip of the iceberg.

Starting with the new crest though, it embodies the values of Inter while focusing on just two elements: the I of Internazionale and the M of Milano. The circular shape is in keeping with the crest created in 1908. In the centre, the I is enveloped by the M and the letters are characterised by a much bolder design than previous iterations.

Another change is one that is slightly more subtle, with the introduction of a new shade of blue, one that is brighter and supposedly more modern. We didn’t realise that you could get a more modern blue, but there you go.

Despite the obvious resistance that this change will meet, it's hardly the first time the club have altered their crest over the years. Change is inevitable, but so long as it is executed correctly, it's essential for progression. So rather than change, think of it more as evolution.

inter 10-min.jpg

The next step is the campaign that heralds the change. “IM FC Internazionale Milano” is obviously a clever play on the club’s initials, but it also shoots down the rumours that the club were set to change their name to a more streamlined “Inter Milano”. The campaign emphasises the meaning behind “IM”, suggesting that it is a symbol of freedom of expression, and that the club’s values and their evolution can be found within. It embodies the next generation and openness to the world, passion for football, and the ability to inspire beyond the field of play.

inter 2-min.jpg
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For more detailed information on the club's visual identity change, you can head here.

Daniel Jones

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