Leeds United have unveiled their new club crest that'll come into play from the 2018/19 season. Launched to coincide with the club's centenary in 2019, the new badge is the result of a 10,000 strong supporter feedback survey, and six months of research.

The club haven't just sprung the re-brand on their supporters; they carried out digital surveys, one-on-one and group interviews, and meetings with legends, current players, club staff, the owner, partners and representatives from the Leeds and Yorkshire communities. The result of that is a minimal design that will replace the iconic Yorkshire Rose badge (below).


The new crest depicts the ‘Leeds Salute’, which over the decades has been an expression of the passion that connects Leeds United’s fans and players on and off the pitch and all over the world. Although, that could be said about any club – it's basically just patting the crest.

For the record... we're not keen. We're all for a rebrand. The Juventus crest update was controversial, but beautifully executed. This is all a bit generic Pro Evo for us. But, if you're Leeds, and you like it, then that's all that's important. We guess...

This ain't lasting a season. Seems to have gone down well on Twitter though...

Want to know more? Head over to leedsunited.com and let them explain themselves.