Showing off a display of upcycling at its finest, Sunst Studio have unveiled a specially created face mask that utilises the SoccerBible x Interhood ‘Firm Beliefs’ Jersey from AW19.

Like it or not, face masks have become a necessity in our everyday lives, and that looks set to be the way for the foreseeable future. But rather than dwell on the downside, let’s look at the positives, and take it as another way for us all to celebrate and show off our individuality. And helping with that is creative entity Sunst Studio, who have been busy putting their talents and excess fabrics to good use, creating a series of face masks made from a unique composite of Nike jersey offcuts. And next up on their production line is the SoccerBible x Interhood ‘Firm Beliefs’ Jersey.

Inter 7-min.jpg
Inter 13-min.jpg

Released in Autumn 2019, the SoccerBible x Interhood shirt was a limited edition contemporary offering that was inspired by players that take their game from city to city, styling out their journey in their play and their threads. Celebrating the culture that specifically surrounds the inner city game, the shirt took references from a number of football hues, with a net graphic that ran throughout reflecting the concrete pitches where many players cut their teeth, taking their first steps in the game. Sure, we may be a tad biased, but this was one hell of a shirt, originally created in collaboration with Sunst Studios.

And now it’s enjoying a new lease of life, recreated as a face mask that measures 24 x 12 cm with adjustable straps and additional string ties. See, wearing a mask can be about more than just doing the right thing and protecting each other – you can look good while you do it, too.

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