All hands on deck. Joining the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, New Balance has developed and is currently scaling production of a general-use face mask as urgent demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to intensify throughout the world.

Following in the footsteps of Nike, who have been producing face shields from Nike Air components, and adidas, who have been utilising their 4D technology to create face masks, New Balance have joined the team, scaling production of a general-use face mask in response to COVID-19.

new balance 6-min.jpg
new balance 5-min.jpg

Developed in consultation with local experts, including Bob Langer of MIT’s Langer Lab and local medical institutions, New Balance’s goal is to make up to 100,000 units weekly. The brand is advancing its current face mask design and materials specifications to ideally meet FDA requirements and achieve a product that can be confidently used by frontline medical staff who require those criteria.

New Balance is also quickly responding to calls for other PPE including gowns and foot coverings, among other items, with its R&D teams. This includes working toward prototypes and exploring collaborative opportunities that optimises its U.S.-based 3D printing capabilities.

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