As New Balance announced their much anticipated entry into the football industry in London this week we caught up with Samir Nasri to talk about his decision to sign on the dotted line with the confident new-comers and what we can expect from the first New Balance football boots.

SB: Samir, why New Balance? What made you decide to join the brand?

SN: Before New Balance I was with adidas for a couple of years but at the end of my contract I met up with the guys from New Balance for a chat. At the time I was a little bit sceptical because they are obviously new in football but after one conversation I knew where I would be going. I knew that if I joined New Balance I'd feel important again and I knew that they were doing everything in their power to make the perfect boot and so far they've been true to their word so I'm really happy about everything. I like to be different and do what people wouldn't expect and helping New Balance become a big name in football is exciting.

New Balance came to me and we had a meeting first because I didn't want to sign for a brand if I wasn't happy with the boot. I wanted to meet the New Balance team because that's important to me, who I'll be working with, and they did everything to my feet to create the perfect fit for me and when I realised how serious they were about the project I was really happy to sign.

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SB: How did your team-mates react when you showed them in training?

SN: They were like "Seriously?!" and I was like "Yeah, you'll see soon!" At first New Balance told me I couldn't tell anyone so I didn't and everyone really wanted to know what they were! After a couple of weeks I was allowed to tell everyone that they were New Balance and all the lads wanted to feel them, especially Jesus Navas, he tried them on, kept asking me about the brand and I told him to join us and he has!

SB: Do you still get that excitement when a new pair is delivered to training?

SN: It's always really exciting when a new box arrives at the training ground with your name on it, especially when you don't know what's inside. I'm still a kid when it comes to new boots, we all are! We're always checking each others new boots out.

SB: How different are the New Balance boots to the Warrior boots you briefly wore?

SN: The difference between Warrior and New Balance is like day and night, they are so different. Vincent (Kompany) was with Warrior and I tried them while the New Balance prototype was being prepared and they are so different looking back at them.

SB: What's your relationship like with New Balance compared to other brands you've been with?

SN: It's totally different to adidas. With New Balance you just have to say that you want something changed on a prototype and they'll do it. Your opinion is listened to and used to help make the boots better. New Balance is more of a family, we are not 1,000 players, at the moment we're just 10 and we're all working closely together to help the brand. It's a massive challenge and I love a challenge in my career both on and off the pitch.

The close-knit relationship makes the brand stronger. It's good to come down here with some of my team mates today, we had a great journey together talking on the train with the New Balance guys and that's what makes the brand special. It's important to have a close relationship with the brand and that openess allows us to work towards the same things.

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SB: And the New Balance boots themselves, how are you getting on with them?

SN: The boots I've been using recently are different to the ones I was using in pre-season. The boots I first used were a little too flexible, I told New Balance that and they've fixed it. I'm really happy with my current prototype and I just really want the boot to come out now so everyone can see the colours, I can't wait. I think people are going to be surprised.

SB: Most changing rooms are dominated by the same brands, is it nice to wear something different, to not follow the crowd?


SN: Yeah, it's great to wear something different although at City there's four of us wearing New Balance (Fernando, Kompany, Navas) so we're taking over! I don't expect New Balance to be in the minority for long, but at the moment it's good to be different, I like to do things differently.

SB: What can we expect from New Balance in the coming months?

SN: I've obviously seen the boots that are coming out and they're exciting, they're for a different type of player. At the moment I can't speak too much about the boots but just look around at the players that are here today, Aaron (Ramsey), Jesus (Navas), Adnan (Januzaj) and the success the brand has had in other sports, they are a global brand and it's an exciting time and great to be a part of.

What do you think about New Balance's entry to the football industry? Check out the official launch event here and drop us a line below.