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Goal Click Present Stories Of Qatari Football Culture Ahead Of 2022 World Cup

With exactly three years to go until the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and with the Club World Cup taking place in the same country next month, a new series is being launched by Goal Click, which is set to take a deep dive into Qatari football culture.

The World Cup is the biggest global festival of football on the planet, with almost every country taking an interest in proceedings, and for the next World Cup in 2022, the world’s attention will be focused on Qatar. There has already been a lot of negative press around the tournament, due to scandals, troubled development of the grounds and preparations for the arrival of the competition, not to mention the fact it will be the first time the tournament will be hosted in the winter months. But how much is actually known about the host nation and its interest in football?

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Featuring the photos and unfiltered stories of the intimate realities of real Qatari football culture as told by workers, fans, journalists, coaches, and both grassroots and professional players in the country, Goal Click Qatar is set to lift the veil on the football culture of the nation, offering an interesting and unexpected look at the country from the perspective of people living and working there.

Launched in collaboration with the Supreme Committee, the series will be brought together in an exhibition at Darb Al Saai in Doha during the FIFA Club World Cup.

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Head to for all the stories and to get a deeper insight into Qatari Football Culture.

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