Ahead of Refugee Week (15-21 June), World Refugee Day (20 June) and the restart of the Premier League, Goal Click and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, are launching a new photographic and text series called “Goal Click Refugees”, documenting refugees’ and asylum seekers’ personal stories and experiences through football in refugee settlements, urban situations, and playing among their host communities.

The unifying power and universal language of football should never be underestimated. After turning the lens towards Qatar and taking a deep dive into the culture of the country ahead of the next World Cup, the team at Goal Click, the global football storytelling and photography project, present a new series that focuses on refugees and asylum seekers throughout the world and their enduring relationship with the beautiful game.

ref 23-min.jpg
ref 24-min.jpg

Goal Click gave each participant a disposable analogue camera to capture the realities of their football lives and communities. The series features more than 25 male and female refugees across five continents, telling their unique stories and the intimate photos and unfiltered stories came back from camps in Jordan, Kenya and South Sudan to the playing fields of London and Sydney, offering a platform to unheard voices and highlighting the experiences of refugees through the common language of football.  

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For the full stories behind the photography head to goal-click.com