Keeping its relationship with football strong, Hublot has announced the new Big Bang e FIFA World Cup 2022, a connected watch with a new ”timeline” function that will take fans of the world’s largest football tournament right into the heart of the action – even before it begins.

Hublot is set to be the Official Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup for the fourth consecutive edition and will time all 64 games at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, including the final in the Lusail Stadium in Doha on 18 December. And the 129 official referees at the tournament will be timing the game with the new Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on their wrists. 

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The Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is a Gen3 connected watch in Hublot’s collection and is the highest performing and exciting Big Bang e to date. Everything about the watch is geared up to optimise enjoyment of the game: before the tournament starts, the Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be in countdown mode, keeping track of the days until the opening match on 20 November between Qatar and Ecuador. Then, with 15 minutes to go before each match, the watch will deliver team line-ups and player profiles, so the wearer can feast on the details from the comfort of their wrist. 

As a game kicks off, the watch will automatically enter “match mode” and activate “timeline”, a feature created exclusively for this watch that will help fans capture the most memorable and most important moments in football. 

This is how it works: at the outer edge of the dial there will be a scale split into five sections, indicating the first and second halves, additional time allowed in each half, and half time. If a goal is scored, the watch will show a match event animation mentioning the player’s name, and a football symbol will appear at the appropriate minute mark on the scale. The same thing happens if there is a yellow card, a red card or a penalty. 

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If a match goes beyond normal time, the watch display will automatically switch into extra time mode, and then again into shootout mode, in the event a match goes to penalties.Each penalty is recorded by a football with a green or red outline to indicate whether or not the attempt was successful. A final “match period animation” shows when the game is over, and the final score.

At any point during a game, the wearer can replay these events by scrolling around the dial using the watch’s crown. After five seconds of inactivity, the watch automatically switches into “low consumption mode” to save battery.

The Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will also be highly customisable, with dozens of dial options available through the accompanying smartphone app. The official version has a burgundy dial and a black and burgundy lined rubber strap inspired by the flag colours of the State of Qatar, FIFA World Cup 2022 Host Country. Fans will also be able to choose dial and strap designs in the colours of each of the 32 participating countries. 

The Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Will be available through