We’ve already had a peak at what Inter Miami’s Freedom Park stadium is set to look like after a teaser video was released earlier this year, but now we’re getting a much better look at the 26,000 seater venue alongside more details for the overall project.

As Club International de Futbol Miami – or Inter Miami to shorten it up a bit – edges ever-nearer to its MLS debut, we’re getting a better look at what Miami Freedom Park and the surrounding soccer village will look like following the teaser that was released earlier this year. The 100% privately funded $966 million, 26,000 capacity stadium will take its place amongst the 58 acres of true open-access green space, restaurants, shops and football fields for the community. The club have been at pains to stress the fact that this project will not cost the taxpayer a cent, while it will also pay millions in revenue to the community as well as an annual Fair Market Value rent to the City.

The early renditions video shows off the entire area via a birds eye fly through, highlighting the many stunning features of the new stadium, including the numerous big screens and the impressive rooftop bar, which comes complete with obligatory-for-the-area palm trees.

The Freedom Park site and stadium are set to be completed by 2022, and in the meantime Inter Miami will play their home matches for their opening two MLS seasons at Lockhart Stadium, an 18,000 capacity venue that’s currently under construction in Fort Lauderdale.