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Miami FC Unveil Club Crest

While David Beckham plots his expansion into the MLS, underdogs Miami FC have unveiled their new club crest that brings together a team spearheaded by Paolo Maldini that will land on the NASL from April 2016.

Ignore the slight dollop of cheese that accompanies this video like a side order of fun from the Miami tourist board, it marks the beginning of Miami FC as they look to land on the National American Soccer League from next year. Not to be confused with David Beckham's exploration into the MLS with his own franchise team, this is completely separate and led by none other than Paola Maldini.

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The logo itself takes in elements symbolic to the area of Miami; Art Deco infused typography, the palm trees that grace its coastline and the sea that shines blue against the shore. An interesting beginning for a club, Miami is clearly going to be a hot bed for football in the states over the coming years. You can find out everything you need to know about the fresh launch of Miami FC here.

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