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David Beckham Secures Land for Miami MLS Stadium

Proving that the dream is very much still alive, David Beckham's aspirations to one day own an MLS club seem to be back on track having secured a three acre piece of land for the proposed clubs new home.

The pipe dream of David Beckham's Miami set up is something that has gone on for serious time. The opportunity to one day create his own franchised club was given to him as part of the deal when signing for LA Galaxy back in 2007 and it was in 2013 when he announced that Miami was the city of choice. Overcoming hurdles, the journey is one that has continued to play out behind the scenes as the group that Beckham fronts have already paid out a huge $19 million for the other land needed in order for the stadium to fully flourish as a top MLS outlet. They have also faced a rocky time as initial waterside plans for the stadium fell through.

In obtaining the remaining three acres in a $9 million deal it opens the door for the club to start making waves in becoming a serious contender as well as stepping one foot closer to stepping out onto a real playing surface. With Miami as a beautiful backdrop and a man of iconic proportions fronting the proposition, it's going to wet the appetite for what the next decade means for the MLS.

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Beckham's arrival in the MLS changed the landscape from the league and since then it has grown in size and strength. A breeding ground for a creative game and proving to be highly influential in the way football is watched, Beckham's group is only getting started but the water is very much warm and we expect them to dive into a party with a big splash. All eyes on Miami.


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