The only thing better than pulling off a complicated FIFA celebration is watching your mate hammer every button in a desperate but ultimately helpless attempt to skip watching it. As the launch of FIFA 20 nears, a video has dropped showcasing some the newest celebrations that have been added to the game.

Remember the Dele Alli eye thing? Yeah, a while back wasn't it and yeah we can all do it now, but it just about missed FIFA 19 so it's been added to the new one. Mo Salah's 'Zen' celebration also features, along with Samuel Umtiti's 2018 World Cup semi-final strut and Antoine Griezmann's 'Air Guitar' move. Keep a look out for signature celebrations from Roberto Firmino, Memphis Depay, Paul Pogba and Leo Messi too.


FIFA 20 is set to drop in stores on September 27th when you'll be bashing all sorts of obscure buttons to nail that celebration. In other FIFA 20 related news, the new 'Volta' gameplay trailer dropped earlier in the summer and it's basically a modern version of FIFA Street and you're absolutely all over that. We thought Alex Morgan's tea sipping celebration might have made the cut, but it's yet to be seen.