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A Closer Look At The FIFA 20 Volta Shirts

As part of the FIFA 20 launch party and in celebration of the latest feature to be added to the game, EA Sports laid on the Volta global finals, which saw teams from around the world competing in the cage. But alongside the free styling flair, pulsating pace, and cultured creativity, the beautifully bespoke shirt designs for each team also caught the eye.

Highlighting the new Volta Football gameplay feature, which sees a street element returning to the series for the first time since 2012, EA Sports held a cage tournament at the recent launch party for FIFA 20, and it saw teams from all over the world representing their cities in vivid visuals as they vied for glory. And in a case of life replicating art, the kits that are present in the game were faithfully recreated for the teams to wear, offering an eye-catching blast of bright colourings in the cage.

volta 8-min.jpg

Each of the 15 kits feature their own individual colour schemes and designs that draw influence either from things that are instantly associated with their nation, or from something within the specific city. As only seems appropriate, these influences have then been remixed by designer Scott McRoy for the small-sided experience, as the game moves from the roar of the stadium to the rhythm of the streets.

volta 13-min.jpg
volta 12-min.jpg
volta 4-min.jpg
volta 9-min.jpg
volta 15-min.jpg
volta 10-min.jpg
volta 6-min.jpg

FIFA 20 is available on all platforms now. But you already knew that.

Daniel Jones

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