As we edge closer to the release of FIFA 20 more details are being released about the game by creators EA Sports, and now the focus switches to the new VOLTA game mode, with a new trailer that shows off the street-style gameplay.

As always, there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the latest edition of the FIFA series, but it just may be that there’s slightly more hype building around this release and that’s thanks to the introduction of the new VOLTA mode, which shares some similarities with the old FIFA Street mode, last seen back in 2012. And following the standard gameplay trailer for the game, EA Sports has now released a VOLTA-specific trailer, showing off all the features of the new mode, and while there are undoubtedly similarities with the old FIFA Street, it's set to be an entirely new and evolved beast.

Volta 1-min.jpg

The new VOLTA mode is more focused on skills and tricks, and a gameplay engine that's very similar to the standard 11v11 allows the transitions between modes to be more seamless than what it was back in 2012. In terms of game options within VOLTA there’s plenty to keep you entertained, with the option of playing 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5. There’s a 'Survival' mode and then ‘No Rules’, the old favourite from Street Football. 

But it doesn't just stop with gameplay. Encouraged to 'Express Your Style', players can create and customise everything about their own avatar, from height and facial features to accessories and tattoos. Players can also choose to design a male or a female character to take to the 17 VOLTA playgrounds around the world, which include Venice Beach, Miami, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Paris and London. There’s also a familiar design to some of the pitches, with the adidas Tango League being picked up and used. All in all plenty to keep the FIFA franchise feeling fresh and dominating all of your spare time from September onwards.

FIFA 20 is out on 27 September on all platforms.