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adidas Launch Predator v Predator with Dele Alli and Kaka

The first in a new film series from adidas, the brand has released 'Predator v Predator' featuring Dele Alli and Kaka. Bringing together one of the world's most exciting young players with another who has achieved it all, it celebrates a universal bond that is wrapped in the legacy of the adidas Predator.

For this first chapter, it sees an original, iconic face of Predator - Kaka - put the new Predator 18+ through its paces, showing he's lost none of his incredible ability with a series of stunning strikes. The film brings Tottenham Hotspur's Dele and Brazil legend Kaka together behind-closed-doors to discuss their mutual love for football, each explaining how they grew up playing on the streets of England and Brazil.

The two share a mutual admiration for some of the Predator’s most iconic players – from Beckham to Zidane, and some of Kaka’s most memorable strikes in the boot. The film concludes with both players discussing the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Kaka experienced his first World Cup at 20 years old, winning the trophy that year. Dele looks ahead to his own ambitions for his first World Cup. “We’ve just qualified for the World Cup. I obviously hope I get selected for the tournament. The whole country will be wanting us to do well”.


This is the first in a series of Predator v Predator films from adidas. Going forward we can expect to see young stars picking up the mantle of playing in the Predator coupled with the iconic players who made the boot the most famous in the world. Episode two will feature Koke and Xabi Alonso, whilst episode three is with include Alena and Ivan Rakitic.

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