Created to launch the second season of adidas' street scene inspired 'Tango Squad', the brand have released a short film entitled "The Gap". A look at what life as part of the squad may bring, it features a familiar face.

The thinking behind the adidas Tango Squad and Tango League is sharp. Designed to bring both fans and brand closer together, it offers an open invite for those who want to stake a claim through their footballing style by taking to pitches across London, Paris, Berlin and New York.

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The short film also goes the distance in telling what life as part of a select Tango Squad might be like: a once-in-a-lifetime boot deal, being verified on Twitter and the chance to front a full on adidas Football campaign to name just three of the perks. All that before it unlocks all the keys to the football phone book by introducing you to some of the games' biggest names.

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What's more, as the video shows, you might just be featured on SoccerBible too. Namecheck, whaaat?

You can register for the league here.