Romance FC has led a new custom charge in collaboration with Nike, teaming up to release a unique collection of individual threads. Landing as part of the brands 'Nike by You' campaign, it sees one of the London's most creative independent football club's dress their game with fresh custom garms.

Designed by Romance FC’s Aimee Capstick, the kit takes inspiration from classic football shirts from the 80’s and 90’s, with a modern colour gradient twist. Using subtle geometric patterns and shapes alluding to the designs of this era, mixed with ombre tones, the result is a perfect combination of new and old.

Romance FC Nike Collaboration portrait_0000_Posy Dixon.jpg
Romance FC Nike Collaboration portrait_0001_Katie Houghton.jpg

Whether it's pick up game or wavy weekend, the Romance FC kits are a sign of solid thinking and what's more, letting the team state their name, the accompanying imagery has been produced by photographer and player Stephanie Sian Smith. Breaking down boundaries and leading a charge, we're into everything they stand for.

You can pick up one of the Nike Football Romance FC shirts here.