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Tottenham Deny New Ground Will Be Called 'The Nike Stadium'

Spurs hierarchy have felt the need to quash rumours that their new 62,000 seater stadium was to be called ‘The Nike Stadium’ following an incorrect report from BeIN SPORTS, announced on their Twitter feed by presenter and banteriffic former Sky man, Richard Keys.

The Tweet was quickly deleted and Spurs cleared up any confusion by denying the rumour. The reports follow the announcement of Tottenham’s new 15-year kit sponsorship deal with Nike, and many believed that this lent weight to the report that the new ground, once finally open, would be named by the Swoosh.

Despite numerous delays, Tottenham are still due to play in the stadium this season, with the game against Brighton on 7 April being eyed as a potential first for Spurs in their new home, whatever it ends up being called. They might even get to play the home leg of their Champions League Quarter Final in it too. To be completely honest, we're still getting over the fact that they're rumoured Cheese Room isn't happening.

The rumours have been circulating for some time now that the new arena would be called Nike Stadium, starting from when this guy below reckoned he'd linked the same 'A' in other Nike stadiums to Spurs' new ground. More even said the graphic above the 'Tottenham Hotspur Stadium' looked like an unsaid down Swoosh. All myth according to Spurs. The mystery of the name continues... as does the date of its opening. Yeah, we're back to square one. Everybody move along...

Despite the anger felt by some Spurs fans at the suggested name, many were quick to look on the bright side...

There's something quite fitting about Richard Keys talking nonsense on International Women's day...

Daniel Jones

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