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Tottenham Stadium Renderings | Ink Studio

Local to North London, Ink Studio recently worked with Tottenham Hotspur to provide detailed CGI imagery of the clubs' proposed plans for their stadium redevelopment.

A monumental change for what is currently White Hart Lane and the home of Tottenham Hotspur, the plans for a new stadium are in every sense a sign of the aspirations for this club. Another beast of beauty to add to the skyline of North London, INK studio were approached to help tell the story and paint as close a picture as possible - showcasing what is in store for the stadium.

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Explaining their involvement, "we spent a year and half crafting detailed cgi imagery throughout their entire design process allowing us to explore their stadium development in detail – from the initial concepts to its current asymmetrical design. In highlighting its multi-use, sculpted appearance and the impressive single tier home stand; we aimed to showcase London’s future largest club ground as a landmark for both Spurs and the city."

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Mighty impressive it's going to be too, a mega structure of football in-take. You can see more info here.


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