Inspired by young people from the local community, Nike launch the Tottenham Hotspur 21/22 third shirt. The striking purple design celebrates the vibrancy of the Club’s N17 neighbourhood, with an N17 logo on the inside collar.

Nike’s Tottenham Hotspur shirts seem to either play it safe or just go all in, and the new third shirt is certainly in the latter camp. The progressive design is the result of a group of eight young creatives that were mentored at local art studio Tottex alongside Nike’s Design team. Through a series of workshops, they were able to express what Tottenham as an area means to them. The group’s creative vision has now been brought to life with the Third Kit design, which encompasses bold prints and patterns inspired by the streets of Tottenham.

After seeing the Third Kit, 24-year-old Spurs fan Jake Osman said: “This is a bucket list moment for me. When I was younger, I used to sit on my parents’ kitchen floor and draw football kits so to see the final design come to light – it’s really overwhelming.

Marlon Clarke, who inspired the N17 logo on the collar, said: “As a huge Spurs fan, having the opportunity to work on this project and attend workshops with Nike has been incredible. This experience has brought together my two greatest passions – football and design – and this has only spurred me on further to pursue my creative dreams. To be part of inspiring a Spurs kit that people will look back on for years to come is the best feeling ever.”

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Luis Lopez-Smith, founder of Tottex, said: "It's been a real pleasure to meet and work with such a talented group of young people. This was a fantastic opportunity for young people in the local community who want to experience and work in the creative industries. The feeling of pride that the young people have knowing they helped to inspire the new Third Kit is huge. There is so much talent in Tottenham and it was great to work with Nike and Tottenham Hotspur to help showcase this.

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