The adidas Tango League circus continued its world tour by rolling into Philadelphia at the weekend as the Three Stripes put on a trademark show of frantic football, creative customisation and local bragging rights. 

With Pennsylvania pride at stake, plus a shot at making it through the qualifiers and into the national finals in Los Angeles, the play was pulsating as each team – kitted up in their own unique designs – battled it out for the title of local champions at the very least. The winning team joining each respective state champions on the national and then world stage. More than just a kick-about in fancy kits, this.


Taking over an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town, the venue was typical of the hidden underground scene that the Tango League has become renown for. Invite only, if you know, you know. Bespoke crests and stickers in abundance, the event also allowed players the opportunity to get creative with their own jerseys for an added flavour of flair. 

25-phili-tango-league.jpg 24-phili-tango-league.jpg 21-phili-tango-league.jpg 22-phili-tango-league.jpg 23-phili-tango-league.jpg 20-phili-tango-league.jpg

Photography by Derek Campbell for SoccerBible.